Success for Lafayette Means, A Shot at Sixth Place in the Patriot League

This is how success is measured on College Hill these days: A chance at a three-way tie for sixth in the Patriot League!

If the Lafayette College men’s basketball team beats Colgate University on Saturday, and two other teams win, there would be a three-way tie for sixth and tie-breaking procedures would place the Leopards above the two other teams. Glory!

Lafayette would avoid a play-in game. This is what passes for “Building a Championship Culture” in Easton, Pennsylvania.

The reality is, Lafayette is 10-18, but only 9-18 in Division 1. The reality is, ESPN’s matchup predictor gives Lafayette a 25 percent chance of winning this game at home.

What hath Fran (O’Hanlon) wrought? Lafayette fans have to get used to the idea of, Lehigh University is a good team, and Colgate is a good team, and the Naval Academy is a good team… ideas that would have been a joke years ago.

Lafayette is a league doormat. Change is needed. The team is not going to “Climb the Hill” without a new leader.

Lafayette (10-18) plays host to Colgate (20-10) Saturday at noon in Kirby Fieldhouse.

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