Lafayette’s Class of 2019: Swept, Swept and Swept by Lehigh

Lafayette College’s Class of 2019 is wrapping up its four years. They studied hard, played hard, learned a lot in many ways and even did some good for the community and the world.

What they didn’t get to experience was a win over Lehigh University, the supposed rival, in the three major sports.

Now-retired Lehigh football Head Coach Andy Coen swept Lafayette. His first two wins came over Lafayette’s Frank Tavani (who infamously said, “I’m happy for Andy” after a loss) and the last two were over current Head Coach John Garrett, who stepped into the mess left behind by his predecessor.

Lehigh men’s basketball coach Brett Reed has defeated Lafayette’s Fran O’Hanlon more or less at will, and women’s basketball coach Sue Troyan has rarely been challenged in games against counterparts Theresa Grentz (removed without explanation) and current Lafayette Head Coach Kia Damon.

There may have been minor successes in other sports, but they were few and far between, and nobody cares anyway.

So Class of 2019, it’s not your fault, but The Rivalry is Dead! Unfortunately, the death occurred during your time, but based on attendance, I suspect that few of you took it that hard anyway.

Good luck out there!

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