The Diamonds Are Rough at Lafayette; Should Baseball, Softball Continue?

Lafayette College had at one time a somewhat distinguished history in collegiate baseball. That was many years ago, and the team has been a perennial loser.

Lafayette never had much history in softball, and that team is also a perennial loser.

The 2019 teams: baseball is 3-10, and has been outscored 52-106. The softball team is 1-9, and on the short end of a 27-52 scoring total.

Playing the diamond sports isn’t easy in the Northeast. Each season on College Hill in Easton, Pennsylvania, starts with cancellations and postponements because of weather. Each season ends with losing.

Lafayette isn’t the only school with this problem, but others have given up. Baseball is increasingly a Sunbelt sport at the collegiate level, and there are no prospects for the Leopards to improve. Head Coach Joe Kinney is 335-560-3 in 20 seasons. There’s no reason to believe somebody else is going to do better.

Lafayette is not, and will not become, a destination for top baseball and softball players. Athletic Director Sherryta Freeman must realize that.

Perhaps the best solution would be for the Patriot League to drop sponsorship of the two sports. School that want to continue could seek affiliate relationships with other leagues, and those that don’t could drop the sport.

Enough losing, already. Enough of the Lafayette bizarro world where losing doesn’t matter. This is supposed to be a Division 1 school. It isn’t.

Try to do it right, or don’t do it.

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