At Lafayette, Diamond Futility Is Forever; Baseball and Softball Disasters Continue

Lafayette College’s baseball and softball teams have hit bottom, again. The two perennial losers have a combined record of 5-30.

Baseball leads on the diamond at 3-14. That makes Coach Joe Kinney’s career record an astounding 338-564-3 over two decades: “Climb the Hill!”

Notable losses: 13-3 and 12-1 to Wofford College; 19-3 to the University of Pennsylvania; 14-4 to James Madison. Patriot League play starts soon. There will be no joy in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Softball is “just behind” at 2-16. Second-year Coach Caitlyn de la Haba took on perhaps the hardest job in Division 1, but 2-16 is 2-16.

No individual is entirely to blame. Lafayette just can’t get it done on the diamond, and the last decade of disaster has made that clear. Other Northeastern schools have given the sports up.

It’s time for Lafayette to do the same. Drop these sports, drop others that are futile or pointless (women’s volleyball) and move on.

Athletic Director Sherryta Freeman’s “Building a Championship Culture” wish list didn’t include any tough choices. She won’t succeed without making some. Start on the diamond, and start soon.


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