Lafayette Juggles Reporting Lines and Meeting Lists in Sports; Ho-Hum….

Lafayette College has juggled some titles and reporting relationships in its bottom-of-the-barrel athletic program.

There is nothing in the details worth noting. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing, or maybe it’s a case of, “When in doubt, move a pawn.”

The most interesting thing about this tedious plan is that the college found it worth announcing. It’s all internal, and is more about who will go to what meetings (ZZZZZZ!) than winning on the field.

Yet Athletics Director Sherryta Freeman decided this bureaucratic shuffling was worth announcing. From the statement on

“The leadership team creates a core unit to assist with moving key strategies along,” Freeman explained. “These moves are timely as they relate to the evolution of the athletic strategic plan, allowing for greater communication and broader participation. It’s working. People feel more invested.”

People feel more invested… really? What did they feel before as they collected paychecks from the worst program in the Patriot League and perhaps the country? Detached?

If they didn’t feel “invested” before, fire them.

Freeman’s announcement is not the statement fans have been waiting to hear.

Lafayette needs to get serious about the sports it will focus on, and then cutting the pointless teams and getting rid of losing coaches. Juggling the office staff isn’t going to get it done, nor will that revive interest in the dying program.

The Big Three sports — football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball — are failures. While two relatively new coaches, John Garrett in football and women’s basketball’s Kia Damon, deserve another year to show things are starting to move ahead, men’s basketball coach Fran O’Hanlon has given Lafayette nearly a quarter-century of mediocre to bad results, and there’s no excuse for accepting more.

Freeman needs to show she’s serious, and that means difficult moves, not press releases and bureaucratic games.

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