WFMZ’s Ed Hanna Has Moved On

Ed Hanna, a weatherman on WFMZ-TV in Allentown, Pennsylvania, for more than 20 years, appears to have left Channel 69 within the past year or so. Whether he’s working in television elsewhere or has chosen a new field is a mystery right now.

Hanna was the weatherman for WFMZ and its weather channel affiliate, starting in the 1990s.



4 thoughts on “WFMZ’s Ed Hanna Has Moved On

  1. The big mystery of Ed Hanna disappearance


  2. Danny Ziolkowski April 25, 2020 — 3:06 pm

    What’s the big secret. He had a lot of followers. People are concerned


  3. Well that sheds light on where our favorite weatherman went. Read else where he was working on a project/filmwhich was to be broadcast in fall; if i remember correctly. Do not recall where i saw it. Found link I am sure this covid virus put brakes on it as it is affecting everyone. If and when the project is released I think we will or might be enlightened to his absence. Its been more then a year…Wish him and his family well


  4. Still miss you Ed Hanna


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