Lafayette College Football Starts $300,000 Fund-Raising Campaign With a Brief Note

Lafayette College’s football team is trying to raise $300,000 by June 30.

The team, which plays in the Patriot League and is a member of the Football Championship Subdivision (used to be and still should be 1AA), will use any money raised for general purposes.

It could probably use the money. Lafayette has won 9 games in four years, and been swept by rival-in-name-only Lehigh University over those four seasons.

The campaign seems a bit out of place, unplanned and sudden. The release announcing it is five sentences long and not written in a way to get people excited about football, or giving away money.

In a statement, the Lafayette athletics department said gifts of $500 or more will be matched by anonymous donors. The statement didn’t make clear if that meant the goal is $300,000 or $600,000; the first number seems to be the target, including the matches.

Lafayette Head Coach John Garrett is in his third year, and some improvement is due. He stepped into a mess a few years ago and is owed some patience, but the Leopards’ offense has failed to produce.

The fund-raising drive starts April 20, the day of Lafayette’s spring game in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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