CFB Title-Game Teams Could Demand Dough, Stop the Show

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Tomorrow night — a Monday, for some reason — Clemson and Louisiana State will play for the championship of college football. Yes, the fall sport will end in January, when many schools have already started their second semesters.

Picture this: Imagine that tomorrow at noon, the two teams announce that they will not play unless each player gets $100,000. There are 100 or so on each team, so the payout would total about $20 million, $25 million. Peanuts, really, amid the institutional corruption of college sports.

The players could easily organize such a demand on social media, or with the help of agents.

So what would happen? They would get the money, one way or other. The show must go on, right? Don’t expect the schools or the NCAA to say no to television money. There is too much money at stake, and ESPN and the networks have dictated to the college game for decades.

And who would really care? Big-time college sports have already made a joke out of education. While I believe that paying players, which is coming sooner or later, is a terrible idea that will have many unintended consequences, the current system is already a mess.

Bring it on. Break up the current system, expose the hypocrisy for what it is. Schools with any integrity would refuse to continue in the corrupt system. Perhaps the era of big-time college sports is coming to an end.

Let the National Football League run its own farm league.

Higher education has become perverted by sports. Stop the madness; only a crazy move such as a holdout can bring this debacle to an end.




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