The NFL’s Jersey Turnpike Quarterbacks Are in Trouble

The three New Jersey Turnpike quarterbacks and their National Football League teams are in trouble.

The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and New York Jets all play within a few miles of the Garden State’s north/south throughway. All are winless.

The Eagles’ Carson Wentz is head of the class. He is 0-2-1 after Coach Doug Pederson made the bizarre decision to play for a tie last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pederson should have been fired. He wasn’t of course. Wentz has had some good games with the Eagles but overall has not done much to justify his huge contract.

Daniel Jones of the New York Giants has had moments but he doesn’t win. He’s on the edge of “draft bust” infamy. The Giants are 0-3.

Sam Darnold is already a bust. He has never looked like a franchise QB. His Jets are 0-4. Is there much hope of turning this career around?

The Jets are off today (Oct. 4). The Eagles will play the San Francisco 49ers tonight while the Giants take on the Rams in Los Angeles. Both teams are underdogs.

The 0-9-1 N.J. Turnpike signal callers probably face another winless week.

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