The NFL’s Jersey Turnpike Curse Claims Another Victim

The woeful quarterbacks who play for the National Football League’s New Jersey Turnpike teams continue to be woeful.

The turnpike squad added a fourth victim Sunday, when Joe Flacco started — and lost — for the New York Jets. The Arizona Cardinals thrashed the Jets, 30-10, and Flacco did what he was supposed to do. Come in and lose, and show his age. Of course, he has strong I-95 roots himself from his days with the Baltimore Ravens.

Flacco was in because draft bust Sam Darnold was hurt. The Jets might have scored a few more points with Darnold on the field, but they would not have won. That’s not part of Darnold’s portfolio.

The other turnpike QBs, Conrad Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles and Daniel Jones of the New York Giants, also lost. What that means is that with the season-ending injury to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, backup Dallas QB Andy Dalton is probably the best signal caller in the NFC East. Washington doesn’t have a candidate unless Alex Smith makes a huge career comeback.

For the Giants, Jones didn’t play too badly. He didn’t play too well either. Bust in the making.

Wentz struggled against Pittsburgh, and the Steelers prevailed 38-29. The Eagles were actually in this game but two interceptions and some other misthrows didn’t help.

How many interceptions can Wentz throw before he’s pulled for rookie Jalen Hurts?

The N.J. Turnpike QBs: 1-13-1. That’s what high picks and big contracts lead to. Of course, the Eagles and Giants are both in the playoff hunt, because the NFC East is so bad.

As for the Jets, they aren’t out of it mathetically yet, but they’re out of it and may be looking for a new bust QB in the draft.

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