The NFL N.J. Turnpike Teams Get Worse

The Philadelphia Eagles are terrible. The New York Giants are bad.

Still, the New York Jets stand out. Of the three teams that play within a stone’s throw of the New Jersey Turnpike, only the Jets are historically bad. Even with draft bust quarterback Sam Darnold on the bench, the Jets are 0-6. They have scored 75 points and given up 185.

Joe Flacco may deserve better in his dotage, but nobody made the former Ravens QB sign with this awful team.

The Eagles came back and made a game of it against Flacco’s old team, the Baltimore Ravens. They lost, 30-28, though potential QB bust Carson Wentz played better. Still, the Eagles are a terrible team and after Sunday’s game, had about 100 hours to try to assemble an offensive line for what figures to be one of the worst games of the season: Eagles vs. Giants, Thursday night.

The Giants managed a win over the Washington Farce of a Team on Sunday, mainly because Washington gave them the game. QB Daniel Jones played adequately. He’s still a potential bust.

The astounding thing is that the Eagles and Giants both have a shot at winning the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys lead it now at 2-4 but they can’t play football, which is a problem. The Eagles are 1-4-1 while the Giants and Washington are both 1-5. So it goes in the National Football League.

The Jets are only playing for the top pick, which they will squander one way or other before taking a big loss on the choice of Darnold. Turnover Sam will be worth, maybe, a fourth-round pick?

This week: the battle of the tiny titans, Giants at the Eagles, Thursday. The latest line favors Philadelphia by 4 points.

Nothing favors the Jets, who are a 13-point underdog to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Turnpike turmoil will continue, but at least one of the teams must win Thursday.

Unless Eagles Coach Doug Pederson plays for a tie again.

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