The NFL Football Turnpike Challenge Continues

Two of the National Football League’s three awful N.J. Turnpike teams will tussle tonight.

The New York Giants (1-5) will visit the Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1) for a stellar matchup.

Yet a lot is at stake. If the Eagles win, they will take the NFC East lead held now by the Dallas Cowboys, 2-4. The Cowboys can’t play either.

A Giants win would put them into second place. Somebody has to win, unless Eagles coach Doug Pederson goes for a tie. Again.

The third team playing along the New Jersey thruway, the New York Jets, can just watch these two bad teams and be envious. The Jets are 0-6 and may not win a game.

So what’s the better pick tonight? The betting line favors the Eagles by 4. Maybe the Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden presidential election debate is the better choice. Perhaps neither of the above.

The three turnpike teams are a combined 2-15-1. Each has a potential quarterback bust: the Eagles’ Carson Wentz, Daniel Jones of the Giants and Sam Darnolds of the Jets. Darnold is the best bet for busthood as of today.

Giants at Eagles, 8:20 p.m. May the least terrible team win!

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